Forms and Information Library

Account Information

Application for New Service and Agreement for Purchase of Power

Authorization for Reconnection of Electrical Service

Authorization for Removal of Service

Electric Service Billing Agreement for Rental Properties


Billing and Payment  

Automatic Payment Authorization Form

Budget Billing Authorization Form

Request to Stop Automatic Payment


Load Management

EnergyWISE Program and Resource Guide for Contractors

EnergyWISE Residential Program Guide

Home Energy Audit Rebate

Load Management Application

Interruptible Irrigation Application


Rebate/Coupons/EASY PAY

EarthWISE Geothermal Heat Pump Rebate Application

Energy Star Appliance Rebate Application

Electric Vehicle Charge Installation Rebate Application

Federal Tax Credits for Consumer Energy Efficiency


Renewable Energy

Community Solar Agreement

EarthWISE Geothermal Program Information

Wellspring Renewable Energy Purchase Form

LREC Interconnect Metering Schematic

LREC Interconnection Process

LREC Interconnection Requirements

Policy 407A-Addenda A, PURPA Qualifying Facilities-Joint Implementation Plan


Sales Tax Exemption

Agricultural & Industrial Sales Tax Exemption Certificate

Residential Heating Sales Tax Exemption Certificate


Your Cooperative

Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws

Notice of Appointment to Vote or Act as Member Form (Designated Voter)

Operation Round Up Application Form

Operation Round Up Participation Form

Service Territory Map


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Cooperative Purpose

Geothermal Heating and Cooling


Outage Center

ACRT Vegetation Management

The Power of Community