As you drive around the countryside at night, you’ll notice security lights dot the skyline. Each security light you see is adding safety and protection to the farm or home it illuminates. Having lights in our yards is something we all appreciate and is an important service LREC offers our members. There are three options for our dusk-to-dawn security lights—member-ownedsingle rental, and a roadway lighting contract.

Member-Owned Security Light

Member-owned security lights are hooked up to a meter. LREC installs the light on a meter pole and the member will need an electrician to wire the light into the meter.

Cost for 40 Watt LED (3,557 Lumens) 
Fixture & new arm: $667.01 (includes tax)
Fixture: $527.70 (mounted on existing arm)
LED Light shield: $238.37 (installation on existing light)

Single Rental Security Light 

Single rental security lights are owned and maintained by LREC. Electricity is covered in the flat rate. The light must illuminate the roadway for the location and be tied to an existing electric account. New installs may include construction costs.

Cost for 40 Watt LED (3,557 Lumens)
The monthly charge is $11.80 (plus tax).

Roadway Lighting Contract 

A Roadway Lighting Contract is for the illumination of a roadway and requires a minimum of two lights. The lights are owned and maintained by LREC. Initial construction charges will be determined by a Staking Technician.

Cost for 40 Watt LED (3,557 Lumens) 
The monthly charge is $25.22 (two lights) and each additional light is $11.80 (plus tax).


LREC only repairs lights that are on wooden poles (no buildings or metal poles). The three types of lights that we service are mercury vapor, high pressure sodium, and LED.

175 Watt MV Bulb & Control Replacement: $187.91 (includes tax)
100 Watt HPS Bulb & Control Replacement: $187.91 (includes tax)