For more information & history, see Great River Energy’s Load Management page.

Note: ETS water heating is controlled Weekdays 6AM-10PM (and weekends & holidays only if needed). ETS space heating is controlled Daily 6AM-10PM. Electric vehicles on ETS rate are controlled Daily 6AM-10PM.

Load Control Notifications

If you are unsure which load control program you currently participate in and would still like to receive load control notifications, please call (800) 552-7658 or chat with us online. 

Controllable Equipment

If you are curious what options you have for load control, check out the equipment below that can qualify. However, please know that every home is different and your options may vary. Additionally, your home must also have a secondary heating system that is capable of heating the whole home and is thermostatically controlled.

  • Air Source Heat Pump
  • Electric Boiler
  • Plenum Heater
  • Electric Baseboards
  • Steffes Storage Heating
  • Storage Water Heaters
  • Electric Vehicle Chargers

If you are interested in load control, please connect with our energy services team at (800) 552-7658.

As a reminder, water heaters and Steffes heating systems can be purchased through LREC. Electric vehicle chargers can be purchased through the EnergyWise MN store.