Our standby power systems are designed to provide peace of mind and keep your life uninterrupted. The lights stay on, the sump pump keeps running, and your furnace or AC keeps your family comfortable. Our standby generator system intelligently powers your whole house, automatically powering what you need when you need it most.

Benefits of an LREC generator:

  • Generator automatically starts when the power goes out
  • Sold and installed by LREC*
  • Eligible for a 48-month EASY-PAY plan
  • From Briggs & Stratton–The Power Experts!
  • Runs on natural gas or LP (provided by others)
  • Omnimetrix monitoring system    Introduced in 2023


Starts at $10,230.70Starts at $11,031.55Starts at $12,307.80

Generator packages include the following: 

  • Generator Power Protect Series with a 6 year warranty
  • LREC professional installation**
  • Cold weather kit and battery
  • 200 amp automatic transfer switch
  • Concrete pad
  • Exterior indicator light
  • First annual maintenance
  • One-year remote monitoring

Prices do not include taxes.
*Our energy management team will help you choose the appropriate generator size  and transfer switch for your home.

**Within 3 feet of meter at pole/pedestal. If that is not possible or preferred, installation will require a homeowner’s electrical contractor.

Are you interested in learning more about LREC’s generators? If so, please call our energy management specialists at (800) 552-7658 or fill out our contact form.

Residential Interruptible Pilot Program

Members who own a standby generator have the unique opportunity to join a new Residential Interruptible Pilot Program. This pilot will give members the ability to run their generators during peak times, essentially taking their home off-grid. This process is called load shedding and it occurs during peak times when electricity is at its highest demand and most expensive. By reducing electric usage during peak times, it saves the cooperative money, and with this rate, we’ll pass those savings on to you. One requirement of this pilot program is to have an activated Omnimetrix monitoring system with a yearly subscription.

Pilot Program Benefits:
  • Pilot energy rate year-round: $0.07kWh
  • Current summer residential rate: $0.11kWh
  • All other months: $0.096kWh 
  • Facility charge: $39/month
How to Sign Up:

If you are interested in this pilot program, please connect with our energy services team at (800) 552-7658. We will determine your eligibility and ensure this is a beneficial program for you and your usage.  

Please note that this is a pilot program and changes can occur with any of the pilot rates/demand charges. 

Load Shedding Time Frames:

On average, our power supplier Great River Energy calls for load shedding 3.5 times a month with each lasting on average 4.5 hours. It is during these time frames your generator would be called upon.

The peak billing hour will occur during one of the load shedding periods. Those participating in this pilot whose generators fail to run during Great River Energy’s monthly peak billing hour will receive the following demand charges: 

  • $27.60/kWJune–August 
  • $22.23/kWDecember–February
  • $16.86/kW September–November

LREC has two automatic transfer switches available: DirectPower and Symphony II. These transfer switches automatically connect to the standby generator, diverting the power source of the home when experiencing an outage. This allows for seamless connectivity from home utility power to the standby generator, erasing homeowner worry.

As reliable as electricity is today, outages can and do still happen from time to time. To ensure your life continues to run smoothly, you may want to consider purchasing a standby generator to provide your home with uninterrupted power – no matter the weather conditions outside.

Lake Region Electric Cooperative has partnered with Briggs & Stratton to create a standby generator program specifically designed to meet the needs of homeowners in our region. “One of the most common reasons people decide to purchase a generator through us is simply for the peace of mind it provides,” explains Steve Haiby, manager of marketing/energy management at LREC. “They appreciate knowing they don’t need to worry about storms coming through and having an extended outage when they are dependent on sump pumps to avoid basement flooding.”

With many seasonal lake homes in the area, the standby generators are also a great fit for people who may not live in their homes year-round. Even if homeowners are down south for the winter, a standby generator will automatically kick in during an outage and provide power for the home. This is another reason people commonly give for wanting a generator, Haiby says, to simply maintain backup power so food doesn’t spoil in their refrigerators and freezers while they are away. For individuals with medical issues requiring electricity to power medical equipment, a generator can even function as a life-saving addition to a home.

We offer multiple sizes of generators, all of which are designed to sense a power outage and turn on automatically. Backup power is delivered to the home until utility power returns. Having this automation in place saves homeowners the hassle of trying to start a portable generator and finding the proper cord to connect. The generators run on LP or natural gas so they do not require refueling with gasoline or worrying about stale fuel.

After a transmission outage resulted in four hours without power during the winter, LREC member Marcy Vavricka was so grateful for the way her new generator automatically kicked in. “I had been thinking about getting a generator for years,” Vavricka said. “I knew I wanted one, especially because of the winters. Sitting in the dark without lights is about the worst thing. I am really happy I decided to get one.” As your trusted local energy provider, our team takes care of sizing, installing, and offers a preventative maintenance program for the generators. Vavricka said the entire process worked very smoothly. “Everybody was so great to work with.”

Generators are sized by reviewing the past 12 months of historical energy use for a property. A load profile is put together showing the energy usage patterns of an existing account. When sizing for a new home, LREC may work with the homeowners’ electrician to get a load calculation. A technician will then work with the homeowner to determine the best site on the property for the generator based on factors such as the size of electrical service, off-peak programs, fuel supply, and the locations of dryer and furnace venting.

After hearing about our standby generator program, area resident Jim Haider called the co-op to learn more and scheduled a site visit with a technician. “They talked to us about our options and particular situation, and gave us a cost estimate,” Haider recalls. “It’s not a cheap investment, but we looked at the benefits of it and decided it was a good thing to do.” Haider says he thinks about purchasing a generator as a similar concept to buying homeowners insurance. “You may not always use it, but it’s a good investment to make,” he says. Other factors influencing his decision were the warranty that comes with the generator and the convenience of having the unit installed by his local cooperative. Just a week or two after his residential standby generator system was installed, Haider experienced a few short outages and was pleased to see that the generator kicked in right away. The whole house unit provided power for everything other than what was set on off-peak. “It is nice to know that if there is a storm some time when my wife and I are away from home, we won’t have to worry about heat in the house,” Haider says. “If you have a freezer full of meat or it’s 20 below outside, you’re going to be assured you’ll have power and things will operate just the same as normal. I guess the peace of mind our generator provides is really the biggest thing for us.”

As a service to customers, we provide a maintenance package with the generators. We even have an EASY-PAY plan, which allows members to pay for the cost of the generator on their electric bill over a 48-month period. “We are proud to offer quality standby generators from a reputable company like Briggs & Stratton and make them affordable through our purchase plan,” explains Dan Husted, VP of business development at LREC.