Crews are Performing Exacter Patrolling

If you have noticed an LREC vehicle patrolling lines in the Dent, New York Mills, Pelican Lake, Tansem, Stalker Lake, and Cormorant areas, we are utilizing our Exacter technology. 

Exacter is a predictive technology that assists in increasing reliability and finding problems before they become outages. Exacter’s predictive process provides information that accurately identifies specific points of weakness across a utility’s power grid.  

Once these areas have been driven and assessed, Exactor will produce data highlighting specific poles that contain failing equipment. From there, crew members will take a handheld device and revisit those areas looking for the problem(s) and what could be malfunctioning. Crews will then make those repairs, eliminating outages before they occur.  

This video gives an overview of Exacter technology and showcases the effectiveness it has had on LREC’s service territory by improving our reliability: