The Power of LREC Member Feedback // December 2023 CEO Column

We recently completed our annual member satisfaction survey. Our survey provides an opportunity for members to share comments, and this feedback helps us serve you the way you deserve. We carefully review each comment to best equip our employees to respond to you in a timely manner, and to hopefully, whether now or in the future, positively transform your experience as a member of LREC.

It is interesting to me to reflect upon the many processes that have improved over the years allowing LREC to become more efficient and effective—the way we can more efficiently read meters now compared to 10 years ago; the way we utilize technology like AiDash to put together very specific and precise tree clearing plans; the way we utilize technology like Exacter to scan our lines to identify equipment in pre-fail conditions so that we can replace those components before they cause outages; the way we use data analytics to determine what services and products will help our members receive the best value and to provide members with the best resources available to make their experience as a member the most member-friendly possible; the way SmartHub now allows our members to receive up-to-date outage information, current usage information, and ways to conveniently pay their bills; and the way we have been proactive with signing up Snow Birds to receive text or email notifications in the winter so they can be notified if their usage is low at their Minnesota home because their furnace is not working properly. Your feedback has motivated us to put all the above processes in place. I hope they have met or will meet, and perhaps exceed, your expectations.

Thank you to each of the 2,797 members who recently completed our member satisfaction survey. Although we received a record-tying 9 out of 10 overall member satisfaction rating, we will never take our eye off the comments you provided. Your feedback is powering your cooperative.