Helping ND Co-op Members Affected by Ice Storm

One of the seven principles that cooperatives abide by is Cooperation Among Cooperatives. Lake Region Electric Cooperative put that principle into practice during the ice storms that severly impacted parts of North Dakota in late December. Seven LREC lineworkers went to help Dakota Valley Electric Cooperative (DVEC) in southeastern North Dakota. Extreme ice buildup on powerlines caused many poles to snap, resulting in extended outages for DVEC members. Here are several quotes from the lineworkers who went to help.

Q. What were your first thoughts when seeing the destruction?
A. This ice storm was a bad one and was probably the worst I have seen. We knew it was going to take a lot to repair, but it was much worse seeing it in person. –Lineworker Tyler

Q. After hearing about the storm and destruction, what were your first thoughts?
A. Honestly, I had sadness for the members. Being without power during those conditions and some experiencing their own property damage, it can be very overwhelming. I was happy our co-op, the seven people sent, and I could help. The kindness shown by those we were able to assist was also impactful. They were super good people. –Lineworker Anthony

Q. What was your favorite part?
A. Knowing the impact we were making for the members. The fact we could help them get back to their normal life was great. Also, the kindness people showed us was amazing and unforgettable. –Lineworker Phil