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Consider JoiningThe Energy Corner (TEC) // CEO Column March 2024

The Energy Corner mobile screenshot.

I am excited to announce we are launching another opportunity for our members to learn more about energy-related issues. This opportunity is “The Energy Corner” (TEC). Members who join the TEC Facebook group will be provided truthful and accurate information on a regular basis. This information will come directly from people who work in the energy business and have the responsibility of bringing reliable and affordable power to our communities.

Our cooperative is here because of all of you—the members of LREC. Our goal is to be your local, trusted energy services provider. With that said, it is necessary for LREC to keep you as informed as we can on a regular basis in this rapidly changing industry. We have experience connecting with many of you through Facebook; by launching TEC, and making it available to our members, we will be able to regularly share information we receive. We can assure you the information shared comes directly from the leaders in our industry on all topics, including but not limited to: reliability, energy transition, new services and products offered to improve the quality of lives, environmental matters, electric vehicles, and everything in-between.

You are not only members of LREC, but you are also a powerful network of neighbors, partners, and friends, all of which have at least one goal in common: the goal of making our cooperative and our communities the best places they can be. By being involved with TEC, you will have another way to be empowered to tap into factual industry information in real time, and you will be able to discuss this information with other LREC members. LREC only exists because of our members, and I hope many of you will find this TEC experience adds value to your membership.

The goal of TEC is no different than the goals we try to meet through our annual meetings, district meetings, energy forums, member appreciation days, coffee with the co-op events, parades, the Virtual Member Advisory Committee, and the 14,000 plus of you involved in at least one of our load management programs. Our goal is to make sure we deliver you not only safe and reliable electricity, but also provide you with convenient ways to meaningfully engage with your cooperative.

Are you interested in becoming a TEC member? If so, please visit www.lrec.coop/energycorner.