As a member of an electric cooperative such as LREC, you have a unique opportunity to take an active role in the business of your electric company — because you’re not just a customer, you’re a member-owner, too.

District meetings are your opportunity to be involved in decisions that will impact the future of LREC. One of these opportunities is electing a district director who will represent members at monthly board meetings. Candidates are nominated at district meetings and the election takes place at the annual meeting. Information on the 2024 District Meetings can be found here.

District Map

View the district map to locate which district you live in.

Running for Director

Any member interested in becoming a candidate for the LREC Board of Directors should contact LREC at (800) 552-7658 or email to get information regarding the election process and responsibilities of being a director.

Future District Meetings

Each district is on a 3-year rotation. Below are the districts that will be meeting for the upcoming three years.

District 1District 3District 2
District 4District 6District 5
District 7District 9District 8

Election by Acclamation

Changes in annual meeting voting were made with the adoption of the Amended and Restated Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws at the 2012 Annual Meeting. If no other candidates are nominated through the petition process, the unopposed candidates nominated at the district meetings will be deemed elected by acclamation. The applicable sections of the bylaws are as follows:

Section 4.4 – Director Nominations
Nominating Members may make Member Petition Nominations by delivering to the Secretary of the Cooperative not more than thirty (30) days after the Director District Member Meeting in writing for each Member Petition Nomination (“Member Petition”).

Section 3.7 – Member Meeting Voting
In the event there is only one candidate duly nominated for election to a Director position, the single candidate nominated shall be deemed elected by acclamation as an unopposed candidate, and no voting shall be required for such uncontested Director District election. 

Read the complete Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws of Lake Region Electric Cooperative.