Off-Peak Rate Increase Effective January 2023


LREC’s off-peak wholesale power rates from Great River Energy (GRE) are rising due to increases in the wholesale power market, which is primarily driven by the wholesale natural gas market.

LREC has absorbed multiple wholesale off-peak rate increases over the years, to keep off-peak rates stable for our members. Our dual fuel and ETS rates have remained stable since 2008 and 2017, respectively. The latest wholesale increase has resulted in the need for additional revenue to serve these loads.

Off-Peak RatesCurrent RateNew Rate
Off-Peak Storage (ETS)4.8¢/kWh5.5¢/kWh
Interruptible: Dual Fuel &
Peak Shave Water Heater
6.1¢/kWh Summer6.8¢/kWh Summer
5.4¢/kWh Other6.1¢/kWh Other