Bringing Vegetation Management to the Next Level with AiDash

Your electric cooperative takes an aggressive, educated approach when it comes to vegetation management (VM) efforts. Managing vegetation along LREC overhead lines is a dynamic and complex process that requires quality data to quantify the forest cover adjacent to the lines. In previous years, success was achieved utilizing Arborcision, but as technology has developed, more comprehensive methods have emerged and become cost effective to employ.

In 2022, LREC purchased AiDash technology to ensure all VM efforts were directed in an efficient, validated, and impactful direction. AiDash utilizes satellite imagery and artificial intelligence (AI) to take a snapshot of the system and show where lines are overgrown and how to best address them. Additionally, with each subsequent imaging, the AI algorithm will acquire more data which will serve to better inform upcoming VM recommendations. 

AiDash is changing the face of VM for the cooperative. We look forward to continuing to provide safe and reliable electricity to our members.